ButtCoin 2022: A Retrospective

2022 was a bit of a rough year for cryptocurrencies. Trillions of dollars were wiped from the market, NFT values evaporated, the downfall of Terra, and the collapse of FTX were just some of the lowlights.

There was, however, one shining light… ButtCoin!

It was a tremendous debut year for the little meme coin that could, highlighted by incredible growth, a phenomenally successful NFT drop, and a growing community of passionate people who just love $BUTTS.

We’ve come a long way since the coin was first conceived in May 2022. Here’s a list of some of our highlights for the year.

The conception of ButtCoin

ButtCoin first came into existence on the 16th of May, 2022, created by Reddit user Odlavso. He created ButtCoin to show just how easy it was to make your own shitcoin on the Algo chain. He specifically told people not to buy… but what did they do?

They bought, and they bought plenty!

Odlavso bowed out and handed the project over to Bhikku_Bear, and Lunchie quickly jumped on board. These two core members oversaw the transition of ButtCoin from an untethered beast to a legitimate meme coin with huge potential, and they are still at the helm.

Huge growth in market cap and liquidity

ButtCoin grew, and grew, and grew. So much so that at one point, we pushed well over $1 million in market cap and almost $100,000 in liquidity. This was far more than any of us had imagined, and naturally, the price pulled back as holders took some well-deserved profit. We also received verification on PeraWallet, as a verified Algorand ASSet.

In 2023, we plan to go much further, simply because we absolutely love $BUTTS.

Click here for our guide on how to buy $BUTTS.

The incredibly successful ButtHeads NFT drop

We released a collection of 2888 ButtHead NFTs, which first dropped on the 18th of November. 2875 minted NFTs were released in a series of public shuffles, the last of which sold out in a matter of hours! ButtHeads are currently one of the most popular NFTs in the Algorand universe, and they brought hundreds of new holders to the community.

The ButtHead traits, which referenced other Algo projects and even a VeChain project, brought holders together. There are currently 511 wallets holding ButtHeads!

An active and growing Discord server

The ButtCoin Discord server started small but has now grown to almost 1000 members. We’re a very active community, constantly engaging with one another. Lunchie is always running giveaways and competitions, along with poker games with other Algo holders. Our presence is also strong, and growing every day, on Twitter and Reddit.

Staking and holder rewards

Thanks to a partnership with AlgoFaucet, holders of more than 100k $Butts enjoy daily rewards, just for holding. So far, we’ve distributed more than one million butts in holder rewards. Anyone holding a ButtHead NFT can also stake these for regular, free $BUTTS.

Even better are the rewards for liquidity providers. Every holder who provides liquidity to the $Butts/Algo pool on Tinyman V1 or V2 receives LP rewards of 50% APY. On top of that, liquidity continues to grow as Algorand’s price increases.

ButtCoin has also committed 15k Algo to Folks Finance Liquid Governance for this period.

A busy dev team

There are currently two developers working hard on the ButtCoin universe, including our very own website at www.buttcoin.cc, everything staking, merchandise, and much more. We are currently working towards a raffle and marketplace, and potentially 2 P2E games where you can earn $BUTTS.

What’s next for ButtCoin?

2022, our year of origin, was far more successful than any of us could have imagined. We have big plans for 2023 and beyond! To find out more, join our discord server here and say hello.

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