Butts can now be bought on UniSwap!

We’ve successfully bridged ButtCoin to Polygon/MATIC. This of course marks a new milestone for ButtCoin and enables us to tap in to a brand new blockchain and opportunities.

So. Why Polygon? It allows us to be part of, and explore the Ethereum ecosystem/blockchain without the high fees associated with ETH. For example I was looking to send 200 butts to myself and was looking at $15-$18 in gas fees, polygon was in it’s cents.

Being on Polygon still means we get possibilities to use exchanges ETH uses, if/when the time comes we can mint NFTs on Opensea and as a cryptocurrency, it is carbon-neutral (looking to become carbon-negative ). That’s just a few benefits and as we explore things more, I’m sure we’ll learn it’s strengths and weaknesses.

So what does it mean for you? well at the moment, anyone can move their butt holdings between Algo and Polygon, you can buy/swap Polygon with Butts on Uniswap with polygon.

Now this bit is important at the moment, the Polybutts liquid pool is being added to in order to make sure people can buy/sell easily. As a community to add to this will mean a lot right now. We’re looking at ways to best reward early backers (as rewards for polybutt holdings are not yet set up). There may also be a price difference in algo and polygon butts. This is expected, as we grow, this should equalise or at least be minimal.

I’ve set up the ⁠🌈│buttbridge with some useful information and links in our discord. Feel free to reach out to the team in case you need assistance or have any questions.

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