Quick Instruction for purchasing ButtCoin

There’s a LOT of jealous pretenders making fake versions of this coin (and stealing our logo). PLEASE remember to use the correct code below and the link above will also take you there.

ButtCoinASA asset id 753137719

First and foremost, investing in this brand new project for the price of just a few Algo is obviously a gamble (a tiny one) but the chance for this to take off is obvious. Please HODL, fill your wallet and forget about it. Staking will be available shortly to give us some stability and applications have been made to have ButtCoinASA Verified on Algorand.

If you’d like to be one of the early birds and increase the chances of this growing going forward, we need help to build a solid community around this coin. We are in the early stages of joining Social Media and by building interest in our project and giving investors a voice we hope to build a thoughtful, educated and motivated community/investor base.

This is not a scam or rug a pull. This journey was started as a result of a viral post educating people on “How not to be taken advantage of” and this is still our goal. Be realistic, there’s no quick buck to be made here, if you are impatient and think you can find some thing better to throw $2 at be our guest.


Firstly you will need need to download a compatible wallet, I suggest Pera Wallet (BACKUP THOSE SEED PHRASES!).

-Then add/buy Algo equal to however much you want to spend to buy ButtCoin (transfer Algo to your wallet from any source you choose).

-Once you have the Algo in your wallet go to tinyman.org and click the bar at the top that says “go to tinyman v1.1.” Or click here to be taken directly to that page. 

-Connect your Pera wallet to the exchange.

-You then can select the amount of Algo in the “from” section to buy ButtCoinASA

-Then select ButtCoinASA id 753137719 in the “to” section and click swap.

– You will then be navigated away to your Pera/My Algo wallet to sign and complete the transaction.

*I HIGHLY suggest you use the asset ID 753137719 because there are already copycat coins on the chain.

A bit stuck? Have a few questions about the project before running head first in to ButtCoin? Chat with us on our Discord and we’ll be happy to help.