Bridging Butts between Algo and Polygon

I’m here to provide a screenshot guide to help y’all with bridging some butts over to polygon if you want to get in on the action!

Butts are bridged using PortalBridge/Wormhole

You will be brought up with this menu to connect your algorand wallet to the site.

Once you have connected your Algorand wallet successfully you will see a select token button and you should hit that next to bring up your Algo tokens.

It will start loading available tokens and possibly take a while. If it seems to be stuck you can click anywhere around the popup to make it go away and hit select token again.

The list will look something like this once it loads and select Buttcoin!

The next process is connecting your polygon wallet using walletconnect(metamask, trust, etc) to the site so the bridged butts will show up in your polygon wallet.

Then you will be promoted with the amount you would like to bridge over. I recommend a low amount at first to get yourself used to the process. It doesn’t have to be the 90k I used in this example.

Just hit next on this step as you will have to cover matic fees to redeem your polygon butts. The fees are not too bad(less than 1 matic) just have a couple in your destination wallet and you will be safe for the bridge.

The final steps in the process are the actual moving of the tokens from one chain to the next, so once you hit transfer it will take you to Pera to sign transactions there.

The last step will consist of the same thing with your polygon wallet, hit redeem and sign transactions there, pay transaction fees. Then you should receive your bridged buttcoin to your wallet.

Make sure you already have polygon buttcoin added to your bridged wallet. To do this press “import token” in Metamask and enter the contract address 0xF92545b7E91146110A2385C8548e571722F53f4e

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