ButtCoin autumn update

This is going to be a fairly quick update as we’re currently too occupied revelling in the success of ButtCoin and partying like the Degens we are.

A few quick stats from the last month:

  • We had 72k+ transactions (up from 27k).
  • We went from 500 to 1500 ButtCoin holders.
  • Our twitter had around 200…this increased to more than 1500.
  • We more than doubled our discord community (now have more than 550 members)
  • Reddit activity is booming with many choosing ButtCoin as their preferred alt coin and we now have 400 followers on r/ButtCoinASA

To start, we’ve gone through the roof…smashing our ATH and hit past a 1million market cap.

We’ve dropped a little to take a little run up and despite this, our floor price is still up more than 100% compared to past months.

1. ButtCoinTV

We’ve also expanded the team!

As discord knows him by, Greengrass kindly put himself forward to work some YouTube wizardry along with Trigg0r and alienart.

Chrizzle from one of our favorite NFT projects Lighthouse Keeper .inc has also kindly agreed to get some drawings together for this. They are AMAZING (but we’re not allowed to share right now).

Head over to the Twitter page for your chance to win some $Butts with educational quizzes.

The team is working on a few things, but since we are all ButtHeads you should not expect anything from us any time soon.

View the Twitter here and the YouTube channel.

2. Website and store updates.

Xmas is round the corner so we thought we would put some more products in the store. Grab a cup of coffee in your ButtCoin branded mug and give your desk a new look with a new mouse mat.

Use SpookyButt10 for 10% off your order until the 1st of November in our ButtStore.

We also did a bit of website cleaning up, making it more smooth and shiny. We’ve also added a nice ButtCoin tracker.

3. NFTs

Our first NFT collaboration, bought and paid for in Butts sold out. AlienArt’s Butt Pirates is the start of an ongoing series and future game.

Mr Hoover of the much loved Sketchy Bears NFT has also kindly shared us a sneak preview of the official ButtHeads collection.

There was a lot of straining and struggling (as well as online research) on the best positioning and angles for the Butt but (much like last nights dinner) there was the release we were all waiting for and the ButtHeads base layer was formed.

Here we have the ButtHead base layer in a nice ButtCoin orange.

What next…

The team and community are constantly working around the clock on so many projects within ButtCoin. This month has shown that we’re serious contenders within, not just Algo, but the whole crypto world to be a memecoin capable of standing next to Doge and Shiba Inu.

Keep an eye out on new products in the store, our first official YouTube release as well as additional rewards and benefits from being a ButtCoin holder. We are also working on getting listed on coin trackers like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap as well as more exchanges

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