Buttcoin Donation Wallet & MultiSig

We have set up our Donation wallet. This wallet is a MultiSig wallet meaning that in order for us to take anything out of the wallet we will need 3/5 signatures from the core team. This will hopefully allow people to put more trust in the project.

Further, we have made a reserve wallet. This is a wallet that is recognized on algodesk so that funds in the reserve wallet do not show as in circulation. This reserve wallet is also a MultiSig wallet. We just today moved 50,000,000 Butts to the reserve wallet. These funds will be used for donating and promotion. The rest of the Butts not in circulation will be locked up by tomorrow with tiny lock for about 6-7 months. While I go through this lockup process I will document it so that new people wanting to start their own ASA can learn how to lock up their tokens should they wish to do that.

In the interest of transparency I will display below all the wallets that ButtCoin officially holds.

Creator Wallet


Reserve Wallet


Donation Wallet


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