Buttcoin Achievements 22nd June

Hello ButtCoin ButtHeads, just wanted to give everyone an update on some of the things accomplished over the last 2 weeks.

I know that there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes and it is important to keep the community up to date along the way. This is something we will continue to do on a more regular basis as Buttcoin continues to grow as a whole.

The first update and Big News is we have been Verified by Algorand, which shows Verified on TinyChart.org and TinyMan.org. This is a major step for us moving forward since we know that this coin “was never supposed to be bought,” so it brings legitimacy against all of the FUD that has been following us from the beginning.

Below is a list of other things we have accomplished recently.

Spread these achievements far and wide for the whole world to learn about ButtCoin!

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