How to Shuffle an NFT (on algoxnft)

An NFT shuffle is a fun way to get an NFT and is how projects often launch a new collection. On shuffling, you will be buying a random NFT from the collection. Often these are “ranked” based on rarity. Part of the fun and aim is to get a valuable “high ranked” one. 

NB* close to the time a shuffle is due to go live, the team will normally share the “shuffle link” that will link you directly to their shuffle. It’s advised to:

– Check the discord server of the project and keep an eye out on any alerts (For ButtHeads our discord is here).

– MAKE SURE you’ve connected your wallet to the website and you have the correct funds available. Some shuffles can sell out *very* quickly so it’s advisable to be fully prepared and on the discord/shuffle page at time of shuffle. I’m including how to connect your wallet in the first two steps.

Have a shuffle whitelist (WL)? These guarantee you a spot on a shuffle, normally before the public shuffle. As this spot is guaranteed, there’s less stress and rush when shuffling as it’s not first-come-first-served. Bear in mind that there’s often a time limit in which a whitelist can be redeemed. 

Connecting your Wallet

1. Go to AlgoxNFT and click “connect wallet” at the top right

2. Connect your Pera or MyAlgo wallet

3. Once your wallet is connected your wallet number is listed at the top and you know you’re connected. Clicking on that will bring up your “account page” where you can see your NFTs and algo available. 


4. Open the shuffle link (or find the shuffle you want to take part in Here you can see the price to shuffle one NFT and the amount remaining.

But(t) what's DEGEN Mode?

Degen mode allows you to shuffle more than one NFT at a time! This is based on:

– The amount of shuffles allowed per wallet/degen mode

-The amount of algo you have in your wallet. For example, if you have 69a in your wallet (in fact actually you may need a bit more than 69a as often apps need to have a reserve of algo), and you’re allowed to shuffle an unlimited amount of nfts, the above example would shuffle you 10 Ranter Punk NFTs at the same time. 

5. Hit that beautiful shuffle button.

A popup (make sure popups are enabled) will appear linking you to your wallet. Enter your password and click continue.

5. you will then be taken back to the shuffle page and wait a short while until the system shuffles for you.

7. You can see the NFT you shuffled underneath. Or visit your collection page by pressing your address in the top right corner. 

A bit stuck? Have a few questions about ? Chat with us on our Discord and we’ll be happy to help.